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Gen 2 Surf System Review

Summer is finally here!  After a long week at the office, a great way to relax and unwind is to grab the fam and jump in the boat and go surfing.  The best thing about it?  Everyone can give it a try, so is a great way to get the whole family and all of your friends involved.  We also love how it doesn't put as much strain on your body which is especially nice after a couple of ski sets. Phase_Five_Scamp_Wakesurf-2T

Finally there is a board small enough for

the younger riders to learn and grow on!

The Phase 5 Scamp has a 120 lbs. weight

limit and  has three fins for added stability.


The Ronix Koal Powertail is a

new board for 2014 that is stable

and buoyant like a longboard,

but is fast like a thruster to

create speed off of the wake






Take a look at MasterCraft's 2014 Gen 2 Surf System and see what a difference it can make!


Before you buy a ski, give us a call!

Whether you are slashing buoys or just going for a Sunday ski down the river, give us a call before you buy a new ski.  Midwest MasterCraft and Waterskis.com want to make sure that you get on the right ski to make your skiing more enjoyable!  Ski technology has changed drastically within the last few years and we are trained and ski on the products and will give you our honest opinion about the products.  Here is an e-mail Todd got from a customer that he helped out!

HO Sports skier Will Asher on the 2012 HO Triumph

"Todd, I called you earlier to let you know how awesome your advice and the 2012 HO Triumph turned out to be. To follow up on that call here is an email detailing the end result.

Skier: 41 years old. Ski 2 to 3 times per week. 6 ft 209 lbs. Aggressive skier but not into traveling to the course. Skier requirement was a good deep water starting ski and a good performer that didn't wear you out.

Water conditions: Texas lake. Smooth coves but not perfect all the time. You have to go find the smooth water but it definitely isn't a course unless you wake up early. The good news is that you can ski from early March until Thanksgiving.

End result: 69 HO Triumph with Basis binding.

Right out of the shoot I could tell I was in for an entirely different experience. The hole shot was a no brainer thanks to the ski width. I was up in no time which surprised me since I was prepared for a long drag from a performance ski.
The ski is stable on plane and doesn't want to do its own thing like turn without input. However, once you put in the turn input get ready because it carves all day long.
It is solid across the wake.
The Basis bindings fit like a glove and really transfer the feel of the ski to your feet.
Overall a great out of the hole, stable, awesome performer in varied water conditions. I highly recommend it if you want to step up your game.

Todd, thanks for your help.The website tutorial about selecting a ski and your advice were both critical to getting to the desired result. I really appreciate it."